2017 Free Medical Clinic
2017 Free Medical Clinic

2017 Free Medical Clinic


5 February: Free medical diagnosis, treatment and consultation continues. Since I have been to Dhaka, we have been seeing patients everyday at home. Glad that I brought my stethoscope with me ????

15 February: Patients continue to come everyday for consultations and check ups.

19 February: We are planning to do a one day free clinic service outside of Dhaka soon ????

It’s 9 pm and patients are still knocking at the door. Our focus remains on women and children. Our last patient for the day: gestational diabetes.

1 March: Since morning we have already provided free consultation, diagnosis and treatment to more than 100 patients. More are waiting in the halls and outside.

2 March: Day #2. And patients lined up since morning.

4 March: Day #4: we have seen more than 300 patients in the past three days. Patients from Shahzadpur and the nearing villages line up in the morning and stay until night. We are concentrating on only women and children. Countless rectocele, cystocele, uterine prolapse, fistula, hernia and infertility issues. Children with skin infections and malnutrition.
Last night I saw a patient who needs surgery very soon but can’t afford it. The photo is attached. She has a post operative fistula with abscess for the past 4 years. Please donate to that we can give proper treatment to these patients.