Family Uplift

Family Uplift

To maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, we have refrained from incorporating their specifics on our website

The family is the basic functioning element of society, so crucial is its integrity that it is a certainty that without its preservation, it is almost impossible to build a stable community. HatchHope empowers the family unit in efforts to eventually consolidate the fabric of our global community. Examples of this implementation include:

2011 Family Uplift

Project 2011  Mr. Md. Shekh and his family is the recipient of HatchHope’s 2011 Family Uplift grant. Despite having a tenth grade level education, he was unable to find an office job. To make ends meet he resorted to selling chickens in the bazaar. He is the father of 2 children; a seven year old daughter and a 6 months old son. Through HatchHope’s grant Mr. Shekh was able to attend a vocational school to learn the skills of a computer technician. In addition, the foundation paid for his daughter’s educational cost and living expenses for the duration of his training. Upon completion of his course, the Foundation will provide him with a computer so that he can utilize his formal education and his current training to support his family.

Project 2010

Project 2010: A 2001 Toyota Echo and other household items were donated to a family of 6 recovering from homelessness. Despite being able to secure temporary shelter, they required the use of a car to secure jobs at a 7/11 convenient store. On behalf of this family, we graciously thank our donors for contributions that helped to revive their autonomy. 

Project 2009: Mr. Salaam and his wife received monetary aid to establish a goods store adjacent to their home. His wife is a type 1 diabetic patient. His only source of income used to be rickshaw. Mr. Salaam’s singular income could not sustain their daily needs, notwithstanding the medical expenses required by his wife. The additional income sourced by the nearby convenience store increased his capacity to make ends meet while enabling medical care for his wife to become a reality. 

Project 2008: Through the auspices of HatchHope, Mr. Hussain was able to attend a vocational school to gain the skill of an electircian. In addition, the foundation paid for his family and their ten year old son’s educational and living cost until Mr. Hussain completed his training. Our gratitude must be echoed again to the donors that enabled this dream to become manifest.