Who We Are

Who We Are

HatchHope is committed to providing assistance and support to individuals both internationally and domestically. Our Organization continues to raise socioeconomic and educational standards of disadvantaged families living in underserved areas of the developing and the developed world. Our primary goal, accomplished with donations and Fundraising activities, is to teach skills to the disadvantaged. We strive to accomplish this through both vocational schooling and allotting resources to earning members of disadvantaged families. We aim to assist at least one family to rise above poverty level every year. Our donations also help to pay medical bills for families who are in emergency situations or who are struggling with terminal illnesses. 


Our History:


Since its founding in 2008 by Syeda J. Mansur, one of the many ways in which HatchHope had been working to help others is through the collection of in-kind donations, which were then distributed to those in need. Our organization collected textbooks which were donated to Books for Africa, another nonprofit organization. These collected books were then shipped to Africa and distributed by the aforementioned organization. Typically, we held 2 collection drives per year, scheduled around the end of each college semester. We also accepted donations of children’s books.

Books are not the only thing our organization collected. We accepted donations of clothing, shoes and other items. HatchHope distributed these goods to individuals in need within our local community of Northern Virginia, U.S.A. The products for which we did not have local need were shipped to various countries in Africa for local use. We also kept some products on-hand for future distribution to areas struck by natural disasters such as Haiti, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Again, we worked with other nonprofit organization to ensure that the products and materials we collected made it into the hands of those who truly needed them. In addition to clothing and shoes, we accepted donations of medical supplies, including medications and tents.

2007: ORCA

In November 2007, when Bangladesh was ravaged by Sidr Cyclone that washed ashore thousands of carcasses of livestock and human beings alike, we volunteered to help bring some form of relief to those who were still alive. Members of Manassas Mosque helped collect clothes. We collected $500 that was used to buy medicine from local pharmacies. We also helped sell $100 worth of tickets to a theatrical event sponsored by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Alumni. The entire proceeds went directly to the affected individuals. The show, which raised $20,000, was followed by a march sponsored by ORCA (Old Rajshahi Cadet Association). The amount was then matched by Verizon.


2005: Adam Center

In 2005, we collected tents and clothing for the Great Pakistan Earthquake which impacted the Northwest Frontier province. We collected clothing from neighborhoods as well as from the members of Manassas Mosque. We also bought 30 tents, each housing 10-12 individuals. Once the goods arrived by air in Karachi, Pakistan, they were transported by train to Lahore, then by donkeys to Peshawar and the far north.



2004: Asia Relief

In December 2004, when the South-East Asia was devastated by the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in Asia and Africa, we  raised donations, medication and clothing for the affected families of Sri-Lanka. The employees at Inova Urgent Care Center unofficially gave their donations and emergency medical supplies, which included syringes, gauzes, alcohol preps and Tylenol. We also gathered a truck full of clothes from members of Manassas Mosque to be sent with the shipment.



1996: Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry

In 1996 our organization helped NOVAM transport its associates to and fro their respective medical appointments.

1994: Action in Community Through Service

In the summer of 1994, our organization volunteered its time to ACTS, which caters to victims of domestic violence and homelessness. We assisted in the administrative tasks and distributed food to the homeless.