What We Do

What We Do

HatchHope employs multiple avenues in its attempt to extend relief to those who require it. The complexity of the human person dictates the necessity for a varied approach that addresses temporal, spiritual, social and intellectual needs. When such qualities as these are found wanting in part or completely, the outcome usually includes diminished human potential. HatchHope attempts to live up to its premise through:

Family Uplift; socially equipping families in a manner that renders them autonomous and thus independent of alms.

Free Medical Careutilizing the qualities  possessed by healthcare providers, donors, administrators and government officials to make readily available what was once a scarce commodity.

Disaster Relief: During times of crisis, HatchHope holds fundraisers to collect funds and materials to donate to those in need. 

Education: Educational sponsorship of the breadwinner while sustaining the livelihood of the family ensures that families do not become victims of educational pursuits.