Our Vision

Our Vision


The main goal of the HatchHope is to socioeconomic uplift to the underserved population in the world. We started our first project in the slums and refugee camps in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and as our organization grows we will work to expand our geographic target area to help more people. Our organization selects one family for assistance each year. We find our clients both through recommendations from the community and through individual requests. Once we have selected a potential family, we ask their opinion on the kind of service they want receive from our organization. Services include funds to attend school or resources to open a business. It is HatchHope’s goal to provide recipients with assistance that will provide long-lasting benefits for themselves and their families. Our organization’s board of directors votes for the projects which are supported by the organization. A HatchHope representative contacts the recipients of the aid at least annually to monitor progress. Projects we have supported include paying tuition for a father to attend electrician school, and purchasing rickshaws so a family can start a business. We continue to look for families that would receive long-lasting benefit from the support we are able to provide them.

HatchHope continually looks for ways to improve our current programs as well as adding new programs that serve the organization’s mission. As our organization grows and our funding increases, we will be able to provide even greater services to those in need. We also consistently look for other organizations with which we can work to help as many disadvantaged individuals as possible.

Looking to the Future:

HatchHope is currently in the process of expanding its project of free medical assessments and consultations in underserved and uninsured community members here in the United states.