Pothomela Fair
Pothomela Fair

Pothomela Fair


Street Fair in Arlinton, va September 15th. HatchHope will be there !

Some of the inventory for the Pothomela Fair for Sepetember 15th

Our youngest member doing the inventory

Please come and check us out at the fair.. We mostly have kids oriented stuff including face painting ???? .. but we also have some adult dresses for sale as well.. just so that they don’t feel left out ????

Inventory for adult clothing ????
HatchHope medical panel at the Pothomela Fair
Samar and Sujana representing HatchHope at the medical booth.
Dr. Mansur representing HatchHope at the medical booth
HatchHope at the Pothomela medical booth
getting started,,, excellent job by Sharmeen Zaman
Sharmeen Zaman worked very hard to make the event successful. Syed Al-Mansur’ banner for HatchHope , designed by Sarah Qureshi, attracted many customers.
Farah came all the way from Newport News (3 hours away from D.C.) to help out ????
Zahid drove from Newport News ( 3 hours away from DC) to help ????
Junior HatchHopers ????
HatchHope thanks Irene for volunteering and doing an amazing job at face paining..
Face paining our little customers ????
definitely a Fair ????
our young volunteer who did a great job in talking to kids and asking them to come to our booth for face painting ????
End of the day.. having some cotton candy.. ????