For a complete synopsis of the demographic outlay portrayed by Bangladesh please visit the following UNICEF link:

Our organisation has managed to make great strides in this nation, particularly where healthcare is concerned. The geographic outlay predisposes many to ailments such as tuberculosis which claims lives in droves. A significant proportion of the populace engages in subsistence farming with staggering number living below the poverty line. Assessing this need for effective yet inexpensive healthcare has been the foundation of our success thus far. Employing the expertise of local doctors free medical care is provided to those deemed most in need. Medications obtained through the organisation's resources are also distributed on a need basis. The culmination of this ideology resulted in the establishment of a free medical care which boasts competence in personell and patient care. With the wind behind our sails it is only a matter of time before additional initiatives are put into place such that expansion can extend to additional areas of the country and beyond.

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