Our reach extends beyond the confines of the United States affecting the lives of those residing in impoverished nations. We aim to influence many with all diligence, prudence and compassion so as to allow hope to prevail in the lives of those where it has been blotted out or never existed to begin with. These are the areas where our foundation have been laid and from where we hope to expand:

African Nations: within the scope of Books for Africa with the purpose of empowering eager minds through the vessel of knowledge.

Bangladesh: with a particular focus on Dhaka through initiatives that address tuberculosis management. Additionally, sponsorship has enabled the establishment of a free medical care that also provides expertise and medications as needed by the community. 

Haiti: relief measures have been implemented through partnership with Medical Missionaries thus providing hope where there is despair.

U.S.A: with a special emphasis on the homeless and disadvantaged in the Washington Metropolitan Area. It is only after addressing the basic needs of the individual that insight can be gained into methods of personal growth and the future becomes more attainable.  

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