Books for Triashill

In keeping with HatchHope's desire to ensure adequate education is accessible to all children, a new campaign has been launched to raise funds for the transportation of books to Zimbabwe via Books for Africa. To learn more about this cause and donate please click here.

Brief Background

Triashill mission is a roman catholic institute that was founded in Zimbabwe in 1896 and is located in Rusape. the institute, which is made up of a church, convent, primary school and hospital was granted permission by the ministry of education to establish a secondary school and form 1 (8th grade) lessons commenced in January of 2013, though against a background of various challenges. An organisation called Triashill Development Association which is made up of former students; residents and other interested parties who have benefited in various ways from this institute was formed in 2012 to try and assist in attending to these challenges which have mainly manifested as a result of the economic climate that has prevailed in the country over the past 10 years.

What are the funds for?

Thanks to efforts by organizations such as Books for Africa it is possible to at least begin to alleviate one of the many challenges faced by the schools in the region, which in this case is securing appropriate reading materials for students. The funds we are requesting will go directly to covering costs associated with the transportation of the books. Since they can only be shipped (in bulk) by sea, the funds will cover shipping expenses from the point of departure to Beira, Mozambique, costs associated with clearing customs in order to get into Zimbabwe, and transportation of the materials from Beira to Rusape, Zimbabwe.


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