HatchHope is the registered trade name for the HatchHope YaWarith Foundation. The Board Members of the HatchHope retain the power to govern, direct and oversee the organization and activities of the foundation. The principles of the corporate governance of the HatchHope include a list of documents adopted by the Board Members. These records are periodically reviewed to meet the needs of foundation.

Governing Records:

In 2011, the HatchHope YaWarith Foundation assumed the trade name HatchHope.

Structure of the Board Members:

HatchHope is a volunteer based organization. Unless otherwise provided for in the certificate of incorporation, the board may elect or appoint a president, one or more vice-presidents a secretary and a treaturer, and such other officers as it may determine, who shall have such duties, powers and functions as hereinafter provided. 


Financial Reportings:

HatchHope is a 501 (c)(3) public charity that depends upon the patronage of generous Americans and its fundraising activities to accomplish its mission.

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